Project Darasani: Helping to Make School Affordable in Tanzania

Saloni Sharma (with glasses) and friends in Tanzania.
Saloni Sharma (with glasses) and friends in Tanzania.
Credit Rupesh Sharma

Tanzania in East Africa may be familiar to many in the West as home to popular tourist destinations like the Serengeti National Park, but it’s also a country with a poor rural population where many children cannot afford to attend school – even though Tanzania has a free public education system.

That’s a fact not lost on Johns Creek Northview High School student Saloni Sharma during a visit two years ago.  What she saw inspired her to found the non-profit organization, “Project Darasani” (darasani is the Swahili word for classroom).  

Recently, Ms. Sharma spoke with WABE’s Steve Goss…

A conversation with Saloni Sharma

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