Rainfall Affecting Atlanta Trees

Credit Denis O'Hayer

Chances are you’ve needed an umbrella or raincoat in 2013.

The National Weather Service says Atlanta has already had more rainfall this year than in all of 2012.

Due to rain loosening soil, Atlanta trees this summer are falling over quicker than ever.

Catherine Mullins has more.

This summer, trees have already caused significant problems for Georgia residents. From blocking roads, to damaging buildings, to even killing individuals.

Mark Livingston with Arbor Guard says seemingly healthy trees topple over unexpectedly.

“When you have a situation where it rains every day. Then you start to see areas where perfectly healthy trees fail because the soil around them are to the saturation point, and the soil gives. The soil basically fails.”

Chris Heim, of the Davey Tree Expert Company’s Atlanta Office, discussed other signs you can look for that a tree might fall.

“Mushroom growth or any kind of odd growth around the base of the tree. That would be an indicator that maybe you should have the tree checked out.”

In June alone, Atlanta experienced 9 inches of rain.