Reactions to Plans for Moving MLK Jr. Drive to Accomodate New Falcons Stadium

Credit Katie King / WABE

When construction begins on a new Atlanta falcons stadium, what will happen to Martin Luther King jr. drive in Atlanta? The latest plans released last week show the roadway merging with smaller streets. Over the weekend people in downtown Atlanta reacted to the plans. Aleck Ragsdale reports.Click “Listen” to hear the radio story

The original plans called for adding a bend to MLK Jr. Dr. Now the road could end up diverting traffic onto a two lane street.

66 year old Esque Hinnant says making progress in the city is more important than a single roadway.

“When I think about Martin Luther King I think about what his message was and what he was really about. It wasn’t about a street. It wasn’t about where the street went. It was about the ideals. So where that street goes, it’s not important”.

But 63 year old Gerald Evans says making such significant changes isn’t worth it for a new stadium

“It needs to stay like it is. I don’t think they should change it any kind of way. It needs to stay historically right where it is, the way it is now”.

Falcons officials are continuing to discuss alternative roadway plans for the area.