Reed Wants City To Resume Parking Enforcement After PARKatlanta Expires

  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says, if he’s re-elected, the city will likely take back parking enforcement from a private company, though residents would have to wait for the contract to expire.  As heard on the radio

Reed said Monday the city would build up its parking enforcement capabilities in the lead up to PARKatlanta’s expiration in 2016.

“We would pay whatever fees are associated with that transition and bring those services back in house so if folks had an issue they’d be talking to their government rather than a private firm,” Reed said.

In 2009, then-Mayor Shirley Franklin signed the now much-derided parking deal with Duncan Solutions, which operates locally as PARKatlanta. At that time, the city hired the private firm because it was failing to collect parking fines and fees from drivers.

Reed said complaints have curbed since the 7-year contract was renegotiated last year. However, he said for the deal to end, it would have to expire because he won’t pay the millions of dollars needed to break the contract.