Report: Atlanta Police Body Camera Policy Needs Revising

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The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, in a new report, faults a 2014 Atlanta Police Department body camera policy for its lack of rules about how footage is stored, among other things.

The Atlanta Police Department said that policy is no longer in effect, and it has no body camera programs in operation currently.

“Obviously there is a need for improvement and in some instances guidance on how best to use these cameras to the best effect of the citizens and the public,” Wade Henderson, who leads the group that published the report, said.

Harlan Yu, who worked on the civil rights report, said the report is meant to help communities.

“You know what we’ve been hearing from departments across the country is that these are very new technologies, and I think department across the country are experimenting with what works,” Yu said.

The department said it wants to purchase body cameras for a trial run soon, and there will be a new policy at that time.