Scooters Are Everywhere, Now Atlanta’s Considering Safety Regs

Ross Terrell / WABE

Motorized shareable scooters gaining popularity in Atlanta have City Council members considering safety regulations for them.

Councilman Dustin Hillis said that officials are talking about rules for the scooters like a 15-mph speed limit, requiring people to wear helmets and ride them only in bike lanes or the street when possible, according to WSB-TV.

Hillis chairs the Public Safety and Legal Administration and is also an emergency room nurse.

The public safety committee chairman says officials need to have discussions including whether regulations like mandatory helmets should be implemented through scooter companies or be a rider’s responsibility.

At a meeting earlier this summer, WABE reported on  rules proposed by the city planning department to regulate the scooters and shareable bikes that have been popping up.

One would cap how many devices a company could operate in the city at 600. Another would require that devices lock to another object, like a bike rack.

An additional regulation would require companies employ staff in Atlanta to manage operations.

Bird scooters require riders be 18 with a valid license and wear a helmet. They also provide safety tips on their website.

WABE staff contributed to this report.