Southern Hip-Hop: Explored. Explained. Exalted.

On WABE’s Bottom of the Map podcast, music journalist Christina Lee and hip-hop scholar Dr. Regina N. Bradley delve into passionate explorations and paradigm-shifting critiques of the culture that they love, and its undeniable impact on the world that clearly loves it.

From Southern hip-hop’s connections to self-care, civil rights, marching bands, faith, feminism, business, fatherhood, and so much more, Bottom of the Map is the home for dope conversations that explore, explain and exalt Southern hip-hop.

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Featured Episode

A BOTM Freestyle – Respect, Plus a (Bigger) Check

How does the culture get paid what it’s worth? In this live episode we partnered with the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs for its public arts program ELEVATE, where we talked with Ryan Wilson (co-owner of A3C Hip-Hop Festival and The Gathering Spot) and Janeé Bolden (Managing Editor of Bossip) about the value of Cultural Capital in the mainstream marketplace.

I Bet You Won’t Get Crunk

Who said Crunk was dead? In this episode we trace Crunk Music’s roots in Memphis and Atlanta to its mainstream relevance, and highlight what makes the genre still relevant today.

Culture in the Cosmos: AfroFuturism, Hip-Hop, and Black Joy

Is space really the place? In this episode, we discuss the roots of AfroFuturism in music and popular culture, and how Southern Hip-Hop became a prominent outlet for expression. Plus, what’s AfroFuturism without Future?

Strip du Soliel: Make It Reign

Is strip club culture in Southern Hip-Hop on the decline? In this episode we navigate the mystique and the microeconomics of one of the most talked about aspects of Hip-Hop in the South. Does reality match the (American) dream?

Our Band is Better Than Your Band

How do HBCU marching bands influence Southern Hip-Hop, and vice versa? Oh, plus Beyonce.

Study Hall: Hip-Hop from the Schoolhouse to the Ivy League

Where does Hip-Hop fit in the halls of academia? In this episode we discuss Hip-Hop Scholarship’s roots in journalism and how it has evolved at colleges and universities across the country.

Know Justice, Know Peace: Hip-Hop as Protest

How does Hip-Hop change the world as a space for Civil Rights protest? From 2 Live Crew to Jeezy to Kap G, Southern Hip-Hop artists continue to create space for Civil Rights messages in their music.

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