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She’ll lead discussions on the issues that impact where we live. WABE’s news team is going into metro Atlanta neighborhoods to provide context, storytelling and a sense of place. You’ll hear not only from the biggest newsmakers, but also from folks who don’t often get a voice.

“Closer Look” features a mix of local national and international stories and interviews. It’s an interactive space to share ideas and dig deeper into issues. It’s not just about Atlanta; it’s a program for Atlanta.

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Remembering Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron

Several guests join “Closer Look” to reflect on Aaron’s life and legacy. Rose talks with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, CJ Stewart, a former Chicago Cubs outfielder, Atlanta Technical College Dr. Victoria Seals and Doug Shipman, a Kingian Nonviolence scholar, the founding CEO of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Closer Look: Affordable Housing in Atlanta; Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services; And More

Monday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: 50 years ago today sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, began a strike to speak out against low wages and unsafe working conditions. The strike followed the death of two workers, earlier that month, who were crushed by a garbage compactor. This would lead Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights leaders, to Memphis. As we continue our ATL68 series, we hear reflections from those who were in Memphis during the time.
  • 9:08: Earlier this month, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced 51 housing units on the Westside that will be renovated and used for the underserved, senior citizens, and those on fixed incomes. The project is part of Bottoms’ $1 billion public-private Affordable Housing Initiative. We speak to Atlanta Housing Authority President and CEO Catherine Buell and Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens, Post 3 At Large.
  • 30:36: Georgia’s House Bill 159, known as the Adoption Bill, passed the state Senate last week, giving it the final legislative approval it needed before heading to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk for his signature. In a statement, Deal applauded the efforts of legislators and other stakeholders for the bill, saying it “modernizes and streamlines Georgia’s adoption system to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century.” Perhaps no agency will feel the effects of this bill more than Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services, since the division’s work includes finding foster and adoptive homes for abused or neglected children. Interim Director of DFCS Virginia “Ginger” Pryor joined us in studio last month to talk about her new role leading the division, picking up where former Director Bobby Cagle left off, and the efforts for increased community engagement for child-welfare issues.

Closer Look: Bronner Family Connection to MLK; No Gay? No Way! Calls on Amazon; And More

Friday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose Scott gives a news brief on yesterday’s press conference held by Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields on efforts to end a string of armed robberies of Georgia Tech students. We speak with Carlos Campos, Public Affairs director for the Atlanta Police Department, to find out the latest.
  • 9:47: Despite being home to more than 300,000 LGBTQ residents, the State of Georgia has no statewide laws protecting a person from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, that’s according to the group No Gay? No Way!, comprise of LGBTQ activists. The group has launched a new digital ad campaign, which puts the spotlight on the nine states on Amazon’s list of HQ2 finalists that don’t have these LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws. We learn more from Conor Gaughan, an activist and campaign manager for No Gay? No Way!.
  • 28:21: The Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show takes place this weekend. As the show celebrates 71 years, we take a look at the history and legacy of Atlanta’s Bronner family – and the connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our ATL68 series continues with James Bronner, the youngest of the six Bronner sons, who joins us in studio.

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Closer Look: Cash Bail Bonds Reform; CDC Changes; 1A host Joshua Johnson

Thursday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose Scott gives a news brief on an upcoming afternoon press conference held by Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields on efforts to end a string of armed robberies of Georgia Tech students.
  • 2:19: It’s been a year since WAMU launched its two-hour daily, national radio program 1A. The show was designed to be the successor of the long-running Diane Rehm Show. As of January of this year, 1A is now carried on WABE’s airwaves. We speak with its host, Joshua Johnson.
  • 28:24: A discussion on recent changes at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with former director Dr. Tom Frieden. Dr. Frieden is now the President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies.
  • 40:30: Earlier this week, the Atlanta City Council unanimously adopted a proposal to ensure that suspects accused of low-level offenses are not left in jail simply because they can’t afford bail. We’ll speak with a local bail bond business about the reform’s potential impacts. Juanshe Horton, president and owner of Mary’s Bail Bonding, joins us in studio.

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Closer Look: Morris Brown College President; City Councilmember Farokhi; And More

Wednesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: A news brief about Atlanta weather, and the FAA’s announcement of a ground stop at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson this morning. We get an update on the ground stop and airport operations.
  • 2:25: Granted a charter in May 1885, Morris Brown College became known as the institution that would give underachieving students a chance. Fifteen years ago the college lost its accreditation. Still, the historically black college has remained open. And as the turnaround of Morris Brown College continues, President Dr. Stanley Pritchett joins us in studio.
  • 31:12: Continuing the conversation about noise complaints in Midtown, newly elected City Councilmember Amir Farokhi weighs in on how to bring residents and local businesses together to find a solution.

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Closer Look: Maternal Mortality, and the Story of Kira Johnson; Midtown Neighbors’ Association; And More

Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott:”

  • 1:24: Closer Look continues its series on maternal mortality in communities of color, with the story of Kira Johnson. Johnson died at the age of 38 following complications due to childbirth. Johnson’s husband, Charles, joins us to share his wife’s story.
  • 23:14: Last week, we learned how increased noise complaints in Midtown are at the center of a dispute between businesses and some residents. Today, we hear from the Midtown Neighbors’ Association about this issue. While some say the noise complaints have grown and are impacting LGBTQ businesses, the MNA says it’s happening all over Midtown. What can residents and businesses do together to find solutions? And how does this issue intertwine with concerns about preserving Midtown’s history and culture? Tony Rizzuto, President of the Midtown Neighbors’ Association, joins us in studio.
  • 41:21: Yesterday, the Atlanta City Council unanimously adopted a proposal to ensure that suspects accused of low-level offenses are not left in jail simply because they can’t afford bail. WABE legal analyst Page Pate joins us to discuss the vote, the outcome and what it means.

Closer Look: Deadly Flu Season; Chairman of the Atlanta Housing Authority Board; And More

Monday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: A news brief on how the Atlanta City Council is hearing public comment before a scheduled vote on ending cash bail for people arrested for low-level crimes. Recently Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms proposed legislation to eliminate cash bonds for low level offenses, as part of criminal justice reform. In other news, Super Bowl LII is over and now Atlanta is on the clock to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee was officially handed those duties earlier today during a press conference in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Mall of America. And it’s also where Atlanta’s committee debuted a video called, “We Are A-T-L,” featuring Ludacris. Super Bowl LIII will be played at Mercedes Benz Stadium.
  • 1:54: Dr. Christopher Edwards has served as a member of the Atlanta Housing Authority Board since 2014, when he was appointed by then Mayor Kasim Reed. But in December, Dr. Edwards was voted as the new chairman of the Board. Dr. Edwards joins us in studio to talk about the future of the AHA.
  • 29:46: It’s being called the worst flu season in a decade. We’ll talk about how the flu shot is developed, challenges for health officials, and tips on reducing your risk of becoming sick. And what are the more severe symptoms that indicate it’s time to visit a doctor? It’s a health and medical round table all about the flu, with Dr. Hany Atallah, chief of Emergency Medicine for Grady Hospital; Dr. Mark Mulligan, director for the Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center; and Lagina Evans, assistant chief nursing officer of Facility Compliance and safety officer at Optim Medical Center’s Screven facility.

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