The coronavirus pandemic has us all asking a lot of questions: How long will I have to practice “social distancing”? Will there be a cure for COVID-19? Can I ever touch my face again?

WABE health reporter Sam Whitehead and guests will try to answer those questions. He’ll talk with experts, public officials, journalists, and everyday people about how the coronavirus is affecting their lives.

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Featured Episode

With Winter Coming, the Mental Health Effects of the Pandemic

Even if you’ve managed to hold on to a job, keep food on the table, stay healthy, keep the kids learning, and not get too overwhelmed by politics, this is an incredibly stressful time. And for many people, those things haven’t all fallen into place. Dr. Vaile Wright, senior director for healthcare innovation at the American Psychological Association, says chronic stress, as so many people are experiencing, can have long-term effects, even once the pandemic is over.

A Pandemic Changes How Doctors Practice Medicine, Generally

Dr. Andrew Reisman, president of the Medical Association of Georgia and family medicine doctor, on how the coronavirus pandemic is changing his practice and those of other physicians across the state.

Can A Limited Shelter In Place Order “Flatten The Curve”?

Governor Brian Kemp has issued an executive order calling for people “with an increased risk of complications from COVID-19” to isolate themselves. Dr. Carlos del Rio, who studies public health and infectious diseases at Emory University, says it might not be enough to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Helping The Homeless Through A Pandemic

People without stable housing are especially hard to help during a pandemic, even though they’re particularly vulnerable. Stephannie Stokes, WABE housing reporter, discusses how the city of Atlanta and its non-profit partners are trying to protect them.

An Atlanta Coffee Shop Transitions To Take-Out Only

This week, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued an executive order closing bars, gyms, and movie theaters–and ordering restaurants to transition to take-out service only. A look at how one coffee shop is trying to adapt.

COVID-19 Hits Southwest Georgia

A look at how one hospital in Albany is dealing with an influx of coronavirus patients, dozens of quarantined staff, and equipment shortages with Andy Miller, editor of Georgia Health News.

The Coronavirus Epidemic Is Changing Everything, Even How It’s Covered

Social distancing means in-person press conferences have quickly become a thing of the past. Plus, a look at Georgia’s latest COVID-19 case counts and the state’s efforts to ramp up testing.

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