The coronavirus pandemic has us all asking a lot of questions: How long will I have to practice “social distancing”? Will there be a cure for COVID-19? Can I ever touch my face again?

WABE health reporter Sam Whitehead and guests will try to answer those questions. He’ll talk with experts, public officials, journalists, and everyday people about how the coronavirus is affecting their lives.

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Featured Episode

The Challenges Of Fighting COVID-19 In Developing Countries

Dr. Carl Reddy, from the Task Force for Global Health, shares some of the challenges developing countries face when it comes to responding to the pandemic and discusses the COVID-19 outlook for the rest of the world.

After 6 Months With COVID-19, There’s Still A Lot We Don’t Know

Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, says we’ve learned a lot about the coronavirus, but there are some important questions that don’t have answers.

After A Three Month Pandemic Hiatus, The Georgia Legislature Returns

Emma Hurt, who covers the state legislature for WABE, says Georgia lawmakers have a lot to accomplish when then re-convene next week, and they’ll have to do it all in the midst of a pandemic.

Coping With The Ongoing Stress Of COVID-19

Ryan Breshears, chief of behavioral health for the Wellstar Health System, says the coronavirus pandemic is a stressful situation that could have both short-term and long-term impacts on peoples’ mental health.

Public Health Experts, Employees Question The CDC’s Pandemic Response

Johnny Edwards, an investigative reporter with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has been speaking with people inside and outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who worry the agency’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has harmed its public reputation.

For Healthcare Laundry Workers, The COVID-19 Pandemic Brings New Worries

Jenesta Hadley, who works at a healthcare laundry facility in south Georgia, is one of the many people who’s job keeps the healthcare industry running in the midst of the pandemic. She says her job has become even more dangerous in the time of the coronavirus.

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