Let’s talk, America.

Life is changing. Communities are changing. Our future is changing.

That’s why WABE has led the effort to launch America Amplified: Life, Community, and COVID-19, a live two-hour talk show, in partnership with the America Amplified initiative. The show explores local community perspectives and solutions to some of the most important issues raised by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The program will be framed by the news, and we’ll go deeper to help Americans step back and share our diverse — yet collective — experiences toward charting a new future.

Each week, America Amplified: Life, Community, and COVID-19 will have two hosts from different parts of the country lead a discussion that is informed by active, ongoing engagement with local communities. You can listen to it Saturdays, April 25-May 30 from 3-5 p.m. on participating stations, or find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

The first show is co-hosted by WABE’s Rose Scott and KQED’s Mina Kim in San Francisco. In one hour, we look at how remote learning is exposing educational inequities in our communities. In the other hour, we discuss the tough circumstances and choices facing essential workers during the pandemic.

Join the conversation. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. 1. Share your reactions, personal experiences or concerns with us through social media: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  2. 2. Leave us an email or voice memo message at contact@AmericaAmplified.org.
  3. 3. Call in during the live show each Saturday at 1-800-444-8652.

For more about the show and the other stations that are carrying it, click here.


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