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Throughout the 2021 state legislative session, Political Breakfast presents the pop-up podcast Gold Dome Scramble every Monday morning as host Lisa Rayam talks with reporters from the WABE newsroom to break things down for our listeners — the issues being considered, and the bills getting sorted through various committees at the Georgia State Capitol. Listen to Gold Dome Scramble below and find out more about it here.


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Live Special: House Speaker David Ralston & Senate Democratic Leader Gloria Butler

In most years, the final gavel in the Georgia Legislature means at least a brief period of calm, and a chance to figure out how all those bills will affect everyone. But this year, things just got noisier—with the loss of baseball’s All-Star Game over the new voting law, and even fierce disagreements about what that law says. This special edition, which was broadcast live on 90.1 WABE and on Facebook, features our regulars: WABE political contributor Denis O’Hayer, Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson and Republican strategist Brian Robinson. They analyze the escalating clash, with a couple of guests: Republican House Speaker David Ralston, and Senate Democratic Leader Gloria Butler.

GOP vs. CEOs Over Georgia’s Voting Law

On the final day of this year’s legislative session in Georgia, major companies like Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and others blasted the state’s new voting law, after it had already been passed and signed. Republican strategist Brian Robinson and Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson join WABE political contributor Denis O’Hayer to sift through the debris of “Sine Die” —with some help from WABE political reporter Emma Hurt. They also got into the Governor’s decision to lift most of the state’s Coronavirus restrictions, and the State of the City address by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Gold Dome Scramble: Post Georgia Legislative Session Live Event

The 2021 General Assembly finished, but not before passing a controversial voting law, a state budget and a lot of other bills. In this virtual live event Host Lisa Rayam is joined by politics reporters Emma Hurt and Emil Moffatt as well as education reporter Martha Dalton, environment reporter Molly Samuel and health reporter Sam Whitehead. They also take audience questions.

Gold Dome Scramble: Controversial Voting Bill Sparks Lawsuit

A controversial voting bill sparks at least one lawsuit in the final days of the 2021 Georgia legislative session. Host Lisa Rayam talks with WABE politics reporters Emma Hurt and Emil Moffatt about the fallout and about other bills that are still awaiting action this week including the state budget and police funding.

Gold Dome Crunch Time for Voting Bills and a Bunch of Others

It was the announcement many Georgians had been anticipating for months: every adult in the state can now get a COVID-19 vaccine. Now, if only Georgia can do as well as other states in getting the available shots into people’s arms. Meanwhile, the pre-adjournment frenzy is on under the Gold Dome as lawmakers battle over several key issues—including sports betting, citizens’ arrest, and a response to the recent mass killing in Atlanta. Republican strategist Brian Robinson and Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson get into it all with WABE political contributor Denis O’Hayer.

Gold Dome Scramble: New Voting Bill And The Medicaid Expansion Dilemma

Georgia Lawmakers will consider yet another voting bill this week and as the legislative session winds down a lucrative federal Medicaid expansion proposal is too large to ignore. Host Lisa Rayam talks with WABE politics reporter Emil Moffatt and politics editor Susanna Capelouto about these proposals and other important bills still in play in the 2021 session.

Aftermath of a Mass Killing; Corporations Weigh In on Voting

Georgia political leaders, already engaged in fights with each other over voting—and sometimes together against a deadly virus—are confronted with another foe that has often gone unseen: the rise in harassment and violence against Asian-Americans, here in Georgia and around the nation. While investigators work to determine the individual motive that drove a man who killed eight people, the wider problem remains. Republican strategist Brian Robinson and Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson are back with WABE political contributor Denis O’Hayer.

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