Solving The Tiring Problem Of Finding A Forgotten Book

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If you have ever forgotten the title and author of a book, it can be an exhaustive process figuring out how to recover that information. From consulting with friends to heading to your local bookstore, results can vary.

On this installment of “Writer to Reader,” novelist Joshilyn Jackson looks at what it takes to rediscover a lost book.

“Long after the author and the title have left our brains, story sticks,” Jackson says. “We can even lose the overarching themes or the ideas, but sometimes a moment or an image or a piece of the story will ring so loud in our lives that our brains just keep it.”

Even writers are not immune from this problem. After losing her list of books to read, Jackson turned to social media to figure out the title of a book she’d only read an excerpt of.

“Within half an hour, I had an answer.”

However, some readers might not have friends on social media who can help them out. For those people, Jackson recommends AbeBooks’ BookSleuth forum. Frequented by bookstore owners and insatiable readers, a few general ideas often turn into the book itself.

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