Some Atlantans Are Seeing Signs of a Better Economy

The U.S. economy continued to gain jobs last month. That’s according to numbers released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Aleck Ragsdale asked Atlantans if they’ve seen a change in the economy.

The economy has been averaging around two hundred thousand new jobs a month for the past six months.  For past 9 months 37 year old Jonathan Englehart has worked in a call center in Atlanta.  

“The company that I work for has unfortunately shipped some jobs over to the Philippines, but that’s to make room for some newer more tech savvy positions. And I’ve seen my own career grow really fast over the last three months, so it’s been pretty amazing for me”.

47 year old Keith Cardwell owns a small PR firm in Atlanta. Cardwell says his business has been growing over the past year.

“Now we’re able to bring more people aboard. We’re able to do more things that we weren’t able to do in the past because of budget constraints. We haven’t been told no we can’t do it, because now they do have a little extra money to spend”.

Though with these growing job numbers, some economists are concerned that it won’t be long before the Federal Reserve begins to pull back some of its efforts to boost the economy.