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Southern Liberal Comedian Trio Host Livestream Stand-Up Show ‘Cornteen Comedy’

[left to right]
Drew Morgan, Trae Crowder("The Liberal Redneck"), and Corey Forrester will host the "Cornteen Comedy" show.
[left to right] Drew Morgan, Trae Crowder("The Liberal Redneck"), and Corey Forrester will host the "Cornteen Comedy" show.
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WellRED Comedy is hosting a livestream stand-up comedy show called “Cornteen Comedy.”

They’re a trio of Southern comedians with liberal politics led by Trae Crowder, also known as “The Liberal Redneck,” Drew Morgan, and Corey Forrester.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with the trio via Zoom about their upcoming show, the stereotypes that come with being Southern, and their views on our current socio-economic climate.

Their live-stream stand-up show “Cornteen Comedy” will be Aug. 7 at 6 p.m.

Interview Highlights:

Crowder on his persona, “The Liberal Redneck:”

“Some people think my character name is an oxymoron. But look, unless it’s one of us getting a shot on any kind of TV program anywhere, pretty much every single time you see somebody on your screen who sounds like me who has this accent, it’s the same kind of ‘Bible-thumping, mouth-breathing, troglodyte.’ Not making us all look the best. And I know there’s all kinds of people that aren’t like that, but the rest of the country only sees that one thing.”

Morgan on poking fun of Southern stereotypes:

“I think we live in a time where everyone is nervous about stereotypes and for good reason, but I think that we’re going to be the last stereotype that it’s not okay to pick at. And I understand why that is the reality and so my opinion on that as a comedian is ‘Well, if they’re going to be making fun of me and my people anyway, then I’m going to get in on this.’ I’m going to do it and do it my way.”

Forrester on rural audiences connecting more with their comedy:

“In 2016, that was the first time we all went on tour together, 42 states in less than a year. We were hanging out in Colorado and Nebraska, these places that aren’t the South. And unfortunately, in some of the instances, we were seeing rebel flags. We found out pretty quickly that the divide really isn’t South versus North. There are people in rural Colorado way more the same as my relatives, than the people in Atlanta are…even though Atlanta is only an hour and a half away, it’s a metropolitan.”