‘Speaking of the Arts’: Sam Carter

Sam Carter’s Make it Weird Workshop.

Courtesy of Sam Carter

Sam Carter is an artist and craftsman in Atlanta, fabricating puppets, props and set pieces for the local film and television industry. He’s also co-founder of “Make It Weird,” a kids-centered show teaching young viewers how to “make it cheap, make it awesome, make it weird.”

Interested in drawing and visual art from a young age, Carter pursued stop-motion animation and puppetry in college, leading him to fabrication, mold-making, woodworking and other methods of crafting and creating.

Carter vividly describes the forces that inspire him to make art as “an impending sense of doom” and “a fear of my own insignificance in the universe.” He calls art a “compulsive behavior,” a grappling with existential dread.

But his colorful and whimsical works nevertheless spark joy through his online content and, for intrepid art lovers, a 12-foot statue of a Squidbilly (from the popular Adult Swim cartoon “Squidbillies”) which stands next to Cartecay River Pizza in Ellijay, Georgia. Carter’s creations also show up regularly on his Instagram account, @getbehindthemuel.