Spelman Alumna Wants To Transform Bodies and Minds About Wellness

It’s not a movement but a revolution.

That’s what Spelman College is calling its new wellness initiative.

As the Atlanta liberal arts school fades out its NCAA sports teams, a famous graduate is helping transform not only bodies but mindsets about the importance of healthy eating.

AJ Johnson calls Spelman home and says she’s overwhelmed to work with her alma mater.

“I honestly can say I have no words. It’s just godly that I’ve been put in position and been given the blessing to be able to come back and partner with Dr. Tatum and the institution.”

Dr. Beverly Tatum is Spelman’s president and asked Johnson to help with the school’s wellness initiative.

Johnson is an actress and founder of the AJ Zone.

Her chiseled physique is complemented with an attitude about overall wellness that goes beyond just breaking a sweat.

“It’s not a workout you’re looking at, it’s a mental spiritual discipline and it’s a nutritional lifestyle.”

And to help get that point across Johnson has come up with the 21days2better initiative.

Starting Monday by logging on to Spelman.edu or Johnson’s website, participants will see more than just eating suggestions.

“Meaning every day you can go and get your daily assignment for what the day should be, your motivation spiritually and mentally you’ll be able to get that.”

Johnson says the 21days2better initiative will also educate participants to make healthier eating choices.

To gain a full understanding of AJ Johnson’s personal transformation about wellness, she says the death of her mom prompted a closer look at what she was putting into her body.AJ Johnson talks about the death of her mother.

Johnson doesn’t eat processed foods and she reads the nutrition labels on everything.

When she travels, Johnson maps out restaurants along the route of her destination and if she wants to stop for a bite to eat, she already knows where to go and what to get.

The star of John Singleton’s “Baby Boy” says she hasn’t abandoned acting and if the right script with the right role comes along she’ll consider a return in front of the cameras.