State Dems Excited About Nunn’s Senate Run

Credit / Georgia General Assembly

Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, has announced she plans to run for her dad’s former Senate seat. Some key Georgia Democrats are already backing her.Hear the audio version of this story.

  Nunn will have to beat at least two others in the Democratic primary in order to be the Party’s nominee. The state Democratic Party won’t back a candidate until there’s a winner. But some Georgia Democrats, like U.S. Congressman John Lewis, are already expressing their support for Nunn.

“I think she would bring a tremendous amount of support across all lines and backgrounds of the Democratic Party,” Lewis says.

Nunn, the CEO of a nonprofit, doesn’t have political experience. Nonetheless, Georgia Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams says she’s “the right leader at the right time:”

“Her blend of practicality, but vision, I think are crucial for Georgia and for the country,” Abrams says, “Michelle is going to approach this with an eye toward service and with a belief that pragmatic solutions outweigh any partisan labels.”

Nunn’s candidacy could give Georgia Dems some hope. The Party is operating without a permanent chair and its fundraising lags behind that of the state GOP.