Steven Muhammad On Why He’s Running For The Unexpired Term In Georgia’s 5th District

Steven Muhammad is a candidate for the unexpired term left by the late Rep. John Lewis in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District.

Steven Muhammad

The Reverend Steven Muhammad is an Independent on the political ticket running to fill the unexpired term of Georgia’s 5th District Congressional seat. 

He says he has lived in the 5th District for 40 years and has high hopes of winning the election.

Muhammad talked about his desire for what he calls a better 5th, in an interview with WABE.

His website says his “Community work at the grassroots level and small business community development have kept his ear and hands on the ground and his eyes on the public policy/political scenery. Over the years, he has developed lasting relationships within every strata of metro Atlanta leadership, Georgia state government/legislature, and the U.S. Congress.”

Muhammad says he loves the 5th District and his children were raised there and as Congressman, he “would deal with the everyday problems that we face every day.”

Muhammad said one difference between himself and the late Rep. John Lewis is Lewis had a global demand. He says he does not have a demand to speak around the world.

“So I would have more time to address the problems,” of the 5th District, he says.

Muhammad added, ” We believe strongly in diversity. We want to diversify the city. But we don’t want to gentrify it. We’d like to see things happen on a bigger and better level for all citizens of the 5th District.”

He says he wants to clean up the problems of the 5th District, His top three areas of concern are police brutality, affordable housing and gentrification.

“Congressman Lewis created a new reality in his time.  And we have a vision to create a new reality for the next 50 years,” he says.

Election Day is Sept. 29.