Stonecrest Mayoral Candidate Refutes ‘Mentally Ill’ Claims

This mailer, which claims Charles Hill has mental issues, was delivered Saturday in parts of DeKalb County.
Credit charles hill campaign
Audio version of this story here.

An audio version of this story.

The weekend before Stonecrest residents vote for their first mayor claims of dirty politics were being made.

On Saturday, a mailer that called Charles Hill mentally ill, bipolar and manic depressive was delivered in parts of DeKalb County.

It showed separate pictures of Hill and Anthony Hill, a veteran who was fatally shot two years ago by a DeKalb police officer who has since been indicted.

Charles Hill, one of the candidates running for mayor of Stonecrest, released a statement Sunday saying there is no link between him and Anthony Hill.

He also says he doesn’t suffer from any sort of mental problem.

Hill has scheduled a press conference for later Monday morning to address the issue in person.

Stonecrest’s mayoral election is Tuesday.