The Strange Adventures Of Fulton County’s Animal Services

Field agents from Fulton County Animal Services found this python left behind in a hotel room.
Credit Courtesy of Fulton County Animal Services
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The head of Fulton County Animal Services, Lara Hudson, shares tales of unusual animal encounters with WABE’s Amy Kiley.

Officials assume the alligator spotted in Lake Lanier in August and another one captured near the Chattahoochee River last spring had been pets originally.  So, how did they get out in the wild?  And, what other exotic pets do people keep?

Fulton County Animal Services enforces county animal ordinances by sending out about 75 officers every day.  WABE’s Amy Kiley visited the shelter and asked director Lara Hudson for her oddest tales.  Interview highlights:

  • A Burmese python was found left behind in a hotel room.
  • The adult-sized alligator found in the Chattahoochee River might have begun its life as someone’s pet.
  • A woman found a macaw freezing in her back yard, and Animal Services was able to save it.  Since this interview, DeKalb County Animal Services found about 300 birds in someone’s home.  Most were identified as parrots.

  • In a hoarding case, a woman and her daughter lived in a van with almost 40 cats.
Fulton County Animals Services is no-kill, so it relies on adoptions to find homes for animals.