‘Strict Procedures in Place’ for CDC Workers Treating Ebola Outbreak

The ebola virus, captured by an electron microscope.
The ebola virus, captured by an electron microscope.
Credit CDC

As the Ebola outbreak continues to spread through West Africa, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been a key player in fighting the deadly disease.

But what is the CDC doing to keep its employees safe?As heard on the radio

CDC Spokesperson Tom Skinner says prior heading to the region, employees are given an extensive refresher course on how to protect themselves from the virus.

If an employee develops a fever, one of the telltale signs of Ebola, he says there are “strict procedures in place.”

“They’re provided information and steps to take to isolate themselves and to make sure they call their appropriate supervisors,” Skinner says.

And should any of them contract the virus, Skinner says the CDC “will do everything to get them back.”

“We’re going to take care of them,” he says. “They’re doing heroic deed there in the field, and should something like this happen, again we’ll make sure that we get our employees back.”

Skinner says the CDC has more than 70 employees currently stationed in West Africa.

He didn’t have an exact number as to how many are from Atlanta, but says “the vast majority” are based here.

Skinner says all employees are screened at the airport upon their return.

They also receive an exit physical to check for signs of the disease, though no blood work is taken. 

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