Superhero Bugs Take Over Center For Puppetry Arts

Mighty Bug (in green) has been captured by Bugville's biggest foe, Scorpiana.
Credit Madalina Anton
Audio version of this story here.


The upcoming Center for Puppetry Arts production is not about Pinocchio, Punch or Judy. It’s all about bugs. Called “The Adventures of Mighty Bug,” the title character, Mighty Bug, must save insect town Bugville from the evil villain Scorpiana.

The show features body puppetry, basically very elaborate costumes, along with shadow puppets. The set is also designed to look like a comic book because according to puppeteer Amy Sweeney, who plays Scorpiana, all bugs have their own superhero powers.

“They can fly, some of them are super strong,” she said. “They are just really interesting to study.”

Education is one aspect of the production. The story is jammed packed with trivia about bugs, and the Center for Puppetry Arts will be hosting the University of Georgia’s Entomology Insect Zoo as part of their opening weekend events.

“The Adventures of Mighty Bug” opens with previews on Jan. 24. The show runs through March 12.

You can hear Mighty Bug actor Alex Towers and Sweeney quiz Lois Reitzes and producer Erin Wright in some insect trivia in the interview above.

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