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Talking Dance and Destiny with Helen Hale

Helen Hale in 'Sanity Ceremonies'
Helen Hale in 'Sanity Ceremonies'
Credit Bobbi Jo Brooks

The move that set a celebrated young choreographer on track to the burgeoning career she has today seemed, at first, like a big misstep.

That’s the story at the heart of the last of three conversations highlighting Arts ATL’s “30 Under 30” series.

Choreographer and dancer Helen Hale visited the studio along with dance writer Cynthia Bond Perry, who profiled her for Arts ATL.  Cynthia says that when she was thinking of people to highlight for the series of 20-somethings making a difference in Atlanta’s art world, Helen’s was the first name that came to her.

Broadcast version of story that aired Wed. Dec. 18, 2013

In this bonus feature, Helen Hale tells the story of the surprising spiritual experience that caused her to pursue a life in dance.

Web bonus audio from interview with Helen Hale