Technology Tournament Coincides with March Madness

Credit techtweettournament.com

It’s March Madness time and one Georgia organization is building on the excitement of the NCAA basketball tournaments by holding a contest of its own. The Technology Association of Georgia and one of its partners are holding a Technology Tweet Tournament on Twitter.

The Technology Tweet Tournament started Wednesday with 16 competitors. Teams playing in the tournament include LexisNexis, Mercer University and AirWatch.

Tony Cooper is a spokesman for the Technology Association of Georgia.

“These are really the top technology tweeters, meaning the people who are always tweeting about technology.”

As part of the tournament, each of the competitors tweets a link  to the Technology Association of Georgia’s new state of the industry report. Then Cooper says it’s up to their followers to retweet the post and whoever gets the most retweets in 24 hours moves onto to the next round.

“Our biggest hope is to draw attention to the fact that Georgia is leading in technology. Our mandate is to make Georgia a top five state for technology by 2015.”

Like the basketball tournament, each competitor goes head to head with another team until a winner emerges in April.