Tell Us About Your Voting Issues And Concerns

Credit Electionland project
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WABE is part of the Electionland project, a collaboration of newsrooms around the country tracking voting problems on Election Day. You can help us by signing up now: Text VOTE to 81380.

You can also message us on WhatsApp at +1 850 909-8683 or reach us through Facebook Messenger here: http://m.me/electionland

On Election Day, we’ll check in with you to find out how long it took you to vote and whether you had or saw any problems.

If you’re interested in participating in Electionland, you can sign up to help report voting problems in your area by:

    • Texting VOTE to 81380
    • Messaging us on WhatsApp at +1 850 909-8683
    • Messaging us on Facebook at: http://m.me/electionland
    • Tagging us on Twitter @Electionland
    • Using the form that’s embedded at the end of this post

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