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The Ten Dollar Art Mystery: Solved? Sort of.

This Saturday, the 2012 Decatur Book Festival will quite possibly see the end of an art project that’s had Atlanta writers and artists in its thrall for more than a year now. 

At least, so says the enigmatic person—or persons—behind the “Ten Dollar Art Mystery.” 

After more than a year of mailing out packets containing puzzling letters, literary quotations, and ten-dollar bills, the personage known only as Narrative Urge says the final mystery envelope—number 100—will be out there for the finding, tomorrow, at the Decatur Book Festival.

Earlier this summer, Narrative Urge mailed out packets that finally contained the full story created by the collage of quotations in each of its letters.  (You can read that full story here.)

All that remains is the final envelope. 

Here’s WABE’s original story on the project, produced last August by WABE’s Kate Sweeney, after a number of people in Atlanta’s arts community began receiving the mystery letters–including WABE’s John Lemley.