Ten Things To Do Around Atlanta

The Doll's Head Trail
The Doll's Head Trail
Credit Dan Raby / WABE
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Actor and comedian Mindy Kaling asked on Twitter what her staff should visit when they visit Atlanta. After a quick poll around the building, here is our highly unscientific list of recommendations for things to see and do around town.

Doll’s Head Trail

The name says it all. A trail. With doll’s heads.

Dad’s Garage Theater Company

Atlanta improv! In a newly de-sanctified church.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Outstanding puppet productions. 

Clermont Lounge

Legendary. Just go.

Atlanta Streetcar

We’d love to hear what New Yorkers think about our city’s newest transit option.

The Colonnade

Fried chicken at The Gay ’90s. And they take credit cards now!

Atlanta History Center

Learn all about the history of the city that rose from ashes, see a historic farm, and a little movie called  ”The Hunger Games” was filmed here too!

Alon’s Bakery

We heard Mindy likes sweets, and Lois says you’ve got to go here. 

Atlanta BeltLine

Take a walk down Atlanta’s newest winding trails. 

Center for Civil and Human Rights

As much fun as the city is, it’s important to recognize the struggle that got us here. 

The Varsity

“What’ll ya have?!” Get the chili cheese dog(s). (Yes, this makes 11 recommendations. Everything should go to 11.)

What do you all think? I got input from around the building, but then I’m a middle-aged dad and my colleagues have been informing me of different options. Erin Wright, for example, tells me we can’t leave out a nail place, “Nouvelle Nail Spa, hands down. (Sorry/not sorry for the pun) It’s where you go in ATL to get ‘those nails.'”

So what are your not-to-be-missed Atlanta attractions? Let us know in the comments below!