Kennesaw-based Brock Foundation training the next generation of Black pilots

Omar Brock, an Atlanta native and pilot, joins “Closer Look” to discuss The Brock Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit he created to teach the next generation of African American pilots. (Courtesy of Omar Brock).

Atlanta native Omar Brock, who once had a fear of heights, has been flying airplanes professionally for five years—but says he would’ve embarked on the career journey a long time ago had he’d seen a pilot that looked like him.

“I grew up around the corner of an airport, and I never knew it was there,” said Brock. “I didn’t take an interest in aviation because, again, I never saw a minority pilot.”

Brock, a guest on Friday’s edition of “Closer Look,” further explained that the lack of minority pilots can be linked to a lack of mentorship, exposure, resources, and representation.

Those factors, combined with the heightened racial injustice in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, led Brock to launch The Brock Foundation, Inc, a nonprofit that’s teaching and training the next generation of Black pilots across the U.S.

During the conversation, Brock also talked about a partnership with Morrow High School that will help students obtain a commercial pilot license.