The High’s First Choreographer In Residence Creates Moving Artwork

The glo ensemble will have free performances of "Supple Means of Connection" outdoors.
The glo ensemble will have free performances of "Supple Means of Connection" outdoors.
Credit Woodruff Arts Center / Contributed

Lauri Stallings is the High’s first choreographer in residence. Her ensemble, glo will perform “Supple Means of Connection,” through Sept. 8 at the Cousins galleries on the second level of the High Museum’s Wieland Pavilion.

This is a new way to experience the museum’s collection along with installations in the Cousins gallery. “Choreographed Migrations” and “Movement Choirs” are the fundamental aspects of this installation.

“The beauty of these works is that I get to escape, and the High has provided me the opportunity to come into the museum and study and do weird things like sit on the floor of the gallery for long hours at a time,” said Stallings in response to how she reflects the High’s works of art in her choreography.

“It’s been six months of occupying the High as a citizen and a future artist and learning about those artworks and feeling them,” she said.

Her female-led ensemble will demonstrate their scheduled dances throughout the galleries and grounds of the High Museum. The High has supported the first edition of the “glo pocket map” which will allow the viewer to see the times and places in which the ensemble will be performing throughout the day.

The installations will feature glo moving artists joined by an inter-generational and interracial group of local women and children, ages 9 to 90. Stallings will not appear in the work herself but will be conducting the live interventions.

“If you think about the work that Lauri creates, I think that it’s inherently beautiful and important and compelling, but it’s work that’s taking its inspiration not only from the works we have on display, but also a great sensitivity of the incredible architecture that we have at the museum,” said High Museum director Rand Suffolk.

There will also be free performances outdoors now through Sept. 8.

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