Tiny Parks Will Be On Display This Weekend Along Path400 In Buckhead

“Big Paths, Tiny Parks” is a collaboration with Tiny Doors ATL and Livable Buckhead.
“Big Paths, Tiny Parks” is a collaboration with Tiny Doors ATL and Livable Buckhead.
Credit Livable Buckhead/Tiny Doors ATL

The phrase “good things come in small packages” certainly applies to an event this weekend called “Big Paths, Tiny Parks.

For the event, tiny-themed greenspaces are crafted by local nonprofits and displayed along Path400 in Buckhead. This art initiative is in collaboration with Tiny Doors ATL and Livable Buckhead.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Tiny Doors ATL founder Karen Anderson Singer and Anna Sharp, Community Engagement Manager at Livable Buckhead. The nonprofit Livable Buckhead is geared towards helping community members have options for greenspaces and mobility around the city.

“Path400 is a 5.2-mile walking [and] biking trail that will connect into the Atlanta Beltline at Armour Yards and then going north to Sandy Springs,” Sharp said. “The city of Sandy Springs will actually pick it up two miles north of 285. We are a vital connectivity for the northern section of Atlanta, and when we’re finally completed, I think we are going to be an asset for getting around in Atlanta not in your car.”

Singer and Sharp decided to collaborate on this idea for tiny greenspaces because Livable Buckhead’s traditional version of the annual PARK(ing) Day was canceled.

“Anna approached me with this idea of ‘what can we do? We can’t go as big as we normally do. We can’t do these parking spots, but how can we still do PARK(ing) Day? Can you help us shrink it, but still have impact?'” Singer said. “It was an honor to be asked that question because I think about that all day. We went through lots of iterations of how it can work because, to my knowledge, this has never been done where multiple people make miniatures.

“Usually, I’m the one making the miniatures that go out in public, so this was a fun trust exercise to teach people how to do it and see what they come up with.”

The tiny parks will be on display near Old Ivy Park in Buckhead Friday through Sunday. The public can also view them virtually and vote on a favorite.