Undocumented Man Fears Dialysis Clinic Closure Could Cost His Life

Andres Diego (left) sits with his wife and grandchildren. Originally from Mexico, Diego crossed the border illegally in 1990. He's been receiving kidney dialysis treatment at a rural clinic in Fitzgerald, Georgia. Now that it's closing, finding a new clinic that will take him on is unlikely.
Credit Photo Courtesy: Beau Cabell/The Telegraph

Fitzgerald, Georgia’s only dialysis clinic closed shop this week, leaving all who receive the life-sustaining treatments to find another facility.

All did, with one exception: Andres Diego.

In 1990, Diego crossed the border from Mexico illegally. He later married an American, but his wife has been unsuccessful at gaining Diego citizenship. With few options and no health insurance, he might die.

Samantha Max, a journalist with The Telegraph of Macon, reported on Andres Diego’s situation. On Thursday, she spoke to WABE’s Jim Burress about Andres’s situation.