Valerie Jackson In Conversation: Dr. Misty Bentz, Dr. Lisa Yaszek

This installment of “Valerie Jackson In Conversation” features two guests in the field of science and science fiction in celebration of the Atlanta Science Festival, where both will appear.

Dr. Misty Bentz

First is astrophysicist and Georgia State University professor, Dr. Misty Bentz. She will discuss her work on the Hubble telescope and unveil some of the mysteries of supermassive black holes. We know black holes are real but are white holes? She’ll share with us some of what may be discovered after the launch of the upcoming James Webb telescope and another telescope that is in development that will replace the Hubble.

Dr. Lisa Yaszek

Will we be able to see the “beginning of time?” Following Dr. Bentz, Dr. Lisa Yaszek, professor of science fiction studies at Georgia Tech joins us to discuss how science fiction is a global language crossing centuries, continents and cultures. We’ll explore how this genre has been able to predict the future before even scientists were able to envision a concept.

And how science fiction in film and writing continues to break down so many barriers, including racial and gender, and move society into new frontiers of understanding.  We will also explore the intersections of truth, fact and science fiction.