Valerie Jackson in Conversation: Shanti Das

Shanti Das
Shanti Das
Credit Todd Kirkland / Associated Press

In this installment of “Valerie Jackson In Conversation,” we talk with the Shanti Das an accomplished music industry executive and now CEO and founder of Silence the Shame, an organization that seeks to allow us to openly discuss mental illnesses and dismantle the stigmas and misconceptions that are associated with it. She also heads the Hip Hop Professional Foundation which oversees multiple organization who purpose is to serve and host events for communities in need. Those organizations include: No Reservations Needed, Backpack Blessings, May We Rest in Peace, Day of Pampering and Turn the Page.

 “In Conversation with Valerie Jackson” is a series in which the former First Lady of Atlanta speaks with some of today’s most dynamic artists, innovative thinkers and interesting personalities. This program originally aired on November 18, 2018.