Versatility Of Potatoes Explored In New Cookbook

For his latest book, Chef Raghavan Iyer meticulously researched the agricultural and culinary history of potatoes.
Credit Tate Carlson


“I’ve always said, never trust a person who doesn’t like potatoes.”

That’s according to Raghavan Iyer, who has become a sort of authority on potatoes. The James Beard Award-winning chef and author spoke with Lois Reitzes about his new book, “SMASHED, MASHED, BOILED, AND BAKED—AND FRIED, TOO! A Celebration of Potatoes in 75 Irresistible Recipes.”

As the title suggests, the cookbook is a celebration of the potato’s agricultural and culinary history, deliciously detailed (and photographed) in recipes ranging from finger foods to desserts.

Chef Iyer will teach a class and sign copies of his book at the Cook’s Warehouse in Midtown on Saturday, Jan. 21.

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