Vietnam Veteran Set To Be Executed

Wednesday, Jan. 14, sixty-six year Andrew Brannan is set to be executed for the 1998 murder of Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Kyle Dinkheller during a traffic stop.

22-years old at the time, the deputy was shot to death by Brannan and it was captured on the dash board video of the deputy’s patrol car.

WARNING: The video contains graphic scenes of a shootout.


Moments later, a shootout ensues.

Deputy Dinkheller is heard screaming and calling for help.

He’s shot dead at the scene.

He was sentence to death in 2000 and faces execution as early as tomorrow.

Joe Loveland is one of Brannan’s attorneys.

He spoke with WABE’s Rose Scott about Brannan.

WABE's Rose Scott talks with Joe Loveland about his death row client Andrew Brannan.

The conversation begins with Loveland talking about the current mental state of Andrew Brannan.