What Now? Barista Becomes Amazon Driver

Drew Quillian became an Amazon driver after COVID-19 hit Georgia.

Courtesy of Drew Quillian

When COVID-19 hit Georgia, Drew Quillian was working in an independent coffee shop doing everything from being a barista to baking. He had another job in improv theater and walked dogs as a side gig.

When all his jobs stopped, he became a driver with Amazon.

“It’s not a job I thought I’d ever have. I’m working for a big old company now,” he said.

The factory where he picks up his packages does a good job with social distancing and keeping people safe, he said. In the era of social distancing, this job works for him.

“The nice thing about this is I’m not really around people. It’s just me, in a van, putting packages on people’s doorsteps,” he said.

He rings the doorbell and walks away, making sure to keep a distance in case someone answers the door.

Quillian grew up in Atlanta, but now he is driving around neighborhoods he has never seen before, which he calls an eye-opening experience.

“You somehow forget how completely different the city is just 10 miles away,” he said.

And right now, there is no traffic, which makes the job of parking easy.

“It’s weird. It’s very much a ‘Walking Dead’ feeling sometimes. It’s like the scene where he rides his horse into downtown Atlanta.”

Quillian says he is not sure if he will keep this job or return to the coffee shop if and when it reopens, but he said he’s grateful right now to be an Amazon driver.