With Election Day approaching, Carter Center launches voting information initiative

The Carter Center is launching an information campaign designed to reassure Americans about the electoral process.

Emil Moffatt / WABE

How much trust can voters in Georgia and across the country have in the November elections?

That will be the topic of discussion during a virtual event Thursday night hosted by The Carter Center.

Access to polling places, the security of voting equipment and the proliferation of vote-by-mail amid the pandemic have all led to questions about confidence in the process.

“I think it’s been something that’s been developing in the United States for quite a while, and it’s really come to the surface much more in this current electoral cycle,” said David Carroll, director of The Carter Center’s Democracy Program.

The organization founded by former President Jimmy Carter has long been involved in elections in Latin America and the Middle East.

Carroll says they’ll be using lessons learned through that international experience and trying to reassure Americans.

“There needs to be good, clear public information about the electoral process,” said Carroll. “Election authorities need to speak clearly and to explain the process and to try to demystify it so that people can understand what’s going to be happening, when and how.”

In addition to Thursday’s virtual roundtable, The Carter Center plans to embark on a public information campaign meant to boost trust in the elections process.