Atlanta comedian Ally Edge finds ATL comedy scene one of the strongest in the country

Atlanta-based comedian Ally Edge. (Courtesy of Ally Edge)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Comedy,” Atlanta’s funniest locals share insights on the perks and perils of their profession. This edition features comedian Ally Edge.

“I’ve been told throughout my life that I should do standup because I’m witty in a conversation,” Edge says.

“But I would always respond with, ‘I’m not that kind of funny,’” she added.

But about five years ago, when Edge was having a “crisis of life,” not feeling like she had any creative performative outlet, a friend told her about a stand-up comedy class for women only given by Atlanta comedian Lace Larrabee. Edge immediately signed up for the class, although money was tight.

“The class really changed my life and set my path in comedy.” 

Edge believes that the Atlanta comedy scene is one of the strongest and most underrated in the country and that if you can make it in Atlanta, you can make it anywhere.

“The comics of Atlanta are so incredibly talented. I love these people so much, and the gift of comedy is that I would have never met or befriended them in my real life had I not done comedy,” Edge said.

Ally Edge will be performing on Aug. 26 at ASW Distillery with 1Up Comedy, and on Sept. 1 with Hissy Fit Comedy at Monkey Wrench Brewing.

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