Atlanta Experimental Pop Band, ‘Moloq,’ Pays Tribute To Fresh Air Host Terry Gross

Moloq band mates Jake Aron and Paul Stevens combine psychedelic pop and experimental music to create their unique sound.

Courtesy of Moloq

Back in high school, Jake Aron combined his love of various musical styles, pop and experimental, to create music under the name of “Moloq.” Since then, he and fellow band mate, Paul Stevens have released three Moloq LPs.

They also created a music video in homage to Terry Gross, the host of “Fresh Air.” Stevens had been a Fresh Air listener since he was a kid riding around in his mother’s car listening to WABE.

His admiration for Gross’ interviewing skills inspired the creation of the song. “She’s brilliant, she’s the greatest interviewer that I’ve ever heard, she’s thoughtful, empathetic. This is a love song of sorts to Terry Gross,” Stevens said.

At first, the band was concerned the music video would come across as ironic, but their intentions behind it were sincere.

Moloq collaborated with director Andrew Schwab, director of photography Joey Kopanski, four dancers from the Kennesaw State University dance studio, two puppeteers from the Center of Puppetry Arts and Aron’s father-in-law, Terry Rooney.

Rooney was the creator behind the life-like Terry Gross puppet.

“We were very serious when talking to Terry Rooney about how to depict her, because we didn’t want it to be unflattering or be a Muppet and he suggested Bunraku, a puppetry style in Japan.

They sort of have these sophisticated expressions and two people have to operate the puppet. We saw some reference pictures and footage and gave him the green light,” said Aron. The “Terry!” music video combines a sense of humor and psychedelic nostalgia in three wonderful minutes.

Moloq will be performing in Atlanta at the First Existentialist Congregation July 25-26 at 8 p.m.