Atlanta Female Vice Cops On Prostitution of Young Girls

(This story originally aired in November of 2009) This week law officials from across the country are participating in training sessions that deal with child prostitution.

One of the goals is aimed at helping authorities develop trusting relationships with the girls.

WABE's Rose Scott has this report on two women on the front lines of combating child prostitution and exploitation.

By no means is the job glamorous says Kelleita Thurman.

“I just kind of fell into this, I got assigned to crimes against children and I thought this I can do”

Kelleita Thurman is a vice investigator for the Atlanta Police Department.

She used to work undercover on the streets busting johns soliciting prostitutes.

Now she comes face to face with young girls caught up.

“they have hard lives and a lot of them really don't think they need any help, they don't see themselves as victim but you kinda have to work with them and let them see it takes a while because they've been brainwashed by the pimp that they're taking care of them”

There's no real handbook in dealing with girls so investigators like Donna Chambers say often she feels the need to stay in touch.

“they need to feel like somebody out there does cares and once the case is over I still try to reach out to them to let them know it wasn't about making the case it's about you getting on the track you need to be, you making the best out of life that you can make it”

Chambers has over two decades of experience on the force and like her counterpart Kelleita Thurman, they both agree they don't worry about personal safety that comes with job.


“I don't worry about cause I'm covered”


“I'm covered and if something were to happen, it's suppose to happen, I

cannot go to work thinking I'm not going to make it home every night, there's no way in the world I could do that cause you can't function like you just have to know that you're going to be alright”

Rose Scott, WABE News.