Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Talent Development Program Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary

Earlier this week on City Lights, we talked with Adrienne Thompson, the director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Talent Development Program, known as the TDP.

They are celebrating their 25th anniversary of the program this weekend. The TDP prepares gifted African-American and Latinx students for classical music careers.

Lois Reitzes spoke with the ASO’s music director Robert Spano yesterday about their upcoming concerts. The Talent Development Program alumni will be performing tomorrow night at 8 p.m. in Symphony Hall.

On March 2, the ASO will be presenting the world premiere of Jump,  a cultural symphony, which pays homage to former composer-in-residence Stephen Paulus. The symphony tells the fable of the princess and the frog accompanied by the movement of art organization, Glo.

As a preview of what you could see Saturday evening, this is a video from the TDP’s 20th anniversary with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.