Buying guns in Georgia: No License required unless…

Since last weeks’ theater shooting in Colorado, there’s been a spike in interest in firearms.  As Susan Mittleman reports, to own a gun in Georgia, you don’t need a license to carry,  unless you have a concealed weapon.   

It doesn’t take too much to purchase a gun in Georgia. You need to be a resident of the state, show a driver’s license or ID proving your residence, and to fill out a federal from background information form. Jack Lesher, owner of Chuck’s Firearms in Atlanta, says it’s basically the same drill for all federally licensed dealers.

“We take that information and call it into the fbi nicks background program.. they  give us, generally while we wait, over the phone, either approved, delayed or denied. “

If you’re approved, you’re good to go, weapon in hand. Delayed…you’ll have to wait about 5-7 days and if you don’t hear anything, the store can sell the weapon to you if it chooses. Denied is denied.

People don’t need a license to buy a gun, just to carry a concealed weapon. James Brock is the Clerk at Fulton County Probate Court.

“They can have handguns in home, place of business and an automobile, that’s the three places you can have it legally without having a permit.”

The permit, or Weapons to Carry License, is issued through County probate courts, and requires fingerprints and a background check with the Georgia police and the FBI.  Some Georgia counties have seen a surge in license applications.