'Camp Vibes, Queer Feelings' screens at Emory as part of their Cinematheque series

John Water’s “Polyester” was shown at Emory’s Cinematheque on Feb. 15. (Courtesy of Ben Kruger-Robbins)

A rich cannon of queer camp film is screening at Emory University in their Cinematheque series with the theme “Camp Vibes, Queer Feelings.” The films and TV episodes selected span from the 1960s to 2022 and present a rainbow of adventures in aesthetic envelope-pushing. The series’ curator and visiting assistant professor of film and media studies at Emory, Dr. Ben Kruger-Robbins, joined Lois via zoom to talk more about the series.

Emory Cinematheque’s film series “Camp Vibes, Queer Feelings” screens through April 19th at Emory’s White Hall and is free and open to the public. More information about the series is available here.