NPR TV critic remembers Norman Lear as trailblazing producer, screenwriter

NPR's TV critic Eric Deggans poses with Norman Lear, a famed-trailblazing writer, director and producer. (Photo courtesy of Eric Deggans)

Norman Lear was a famed, trailblazing writer, director and producer. Lear, who was credited with changing the face of American TV sitcoms, was the mastermind behind several shows including “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons,”  “Good Times” and “Maude.”

He died on Tuesday at the age of 101.

“Norman lived a life of curiosity, tenacity and empathy,” Lear’s family said in a statement. “He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all.”

On Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look,” NPR’s TV critic Eric Deggans reflected on the life and legacy of the television giant.