2024 Georgia Legislative Session

2024 Legislative Session Info

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đź“ś Important Dates:

Jan. 8 – First Day of the 2023 Legislative Session

Jan. 16-19 – Budget Week

Feb. 29 – Crossover Day

March 28 – Sine Die (Final Day of the 2023 Legislative Session)

The Balance of Power

Georgia went blue in the 2020 presidential election, and both of the state’s current U.S. senators are Democrats. But when it comes to who has the power at the state Capitol, it’s been all Republicans for nearly a generation. The GOP has pulled off the trifecta in the Peach State — carrying the governor’s office and majorities in both the state House and Senate — for almost two decades.

That reign of power continues as the 2024 legislative session gets underway. But what weight does that kind of power carry? In short, it’s massive.

Republicans have total control over what bills get a committee hearing, a committee vote, a floor vote and final passage. But the margins are much thinner in recent years, putting more pressure on the GOP to hold its caucus together to get the majority of votes needed to pass legislation in both chambers.

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