Chairman Says MARTA Is Open To Calling Itself ‘The ATL’

MARTA has said it is open to a rebrand.

Mary Claire Kelly / WABE

MARTA said it’s open to re-branding as “The ATL.”

It’s an idea introduced by Sen. Brandon Beach, the main sponsor of a bill introduced this week to create a regional transit system. It would include MARTA as the main operator and have a governing board called the Atlanta-Region Transit Link “ATL” Commission.

“Everybody knows there’s some places in the metro-Atlanta region where the MARTA name still has some historic baggage and there are also some parts where it’s a valuable brand,” MARTA Chairman Robbie Ashe said. “Working through how we best deliver transit and what we call those buses is certainly an important part of the conversation. At the end of the day, the name on the side of the bus isn’t the most important thing.”

Cobb County has opposed MARTA expansion multiple times.

So far, the commission would include the city of Atlanta, DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton counties, where MARTA currently operates. Other jurisdictions can join if their voters approve referendums to adopt a one penny sales taxes to fund MARTA expansion.