Cobb County to Vote Again on Sunday Alcohol Sales

Residents of Cobb County will have the chance to vote on Sunday alcohol sales this summer. But for some, it won’t be the first time they’ve voted on the issue.

On March 6th, voters in unincorporated Cobb County cast their ballots on Sunday alcohol sales. However, the measure was mistakenly left off the ballot in the county’s six cities. Attorney Justin O’Dell filed a petition on behalf of voters to reschedule the vote. This week a superior court judge agreed with him.

“The matter will be re-voted on the already-scheduled July 31 election date,” O’Dell says, “Which is important, because by doing it that way, we avoided a special election, which would’ve cost the taxpayers.”

In the March 6th election, Sunday sales passed by a wide margin. That may make a re-vote seem unnecessary. But O’Dell says the process needs to be transparent.

“Elections have got to be done correctly,” O’Dell explains, “When you have over 900,000 people that didn’t have the chance to participate, even if the outcome had been the same, you’ve got to give everybody the chance to participate.”

Cobb County planned to begin Sunday alcohol sales June 1. Now, the earliest they can start is August 12.