Cobb School Board Approves New Calendar

The Cobb County school board Thursday adopted a new “balanced” school calendar. That means students and teachers will report to school a week earlier next year.

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Students begin the first week in August. Teachers head back to work in July. But the new calendar will also add more breaks throughout the year. Cobb County Association of Educators president Connie Jackson says most teachers and parents favored the switch.

“Nobody likes to start back earlier,” Jackson says. “But, I think the give-and-take of starting back earlier and being able to have the more frequent breaks is a lot more in line with what educators want than necessarily starting later with no breaks.”

The board drew up calendars for the next two years. Jackson says that will help families plan.

Deciding on a calendar has been contentious in Cobb County. Some preferred a more traditional schedule with a longer summer and fewer breaks during the year.

The calendar squeaked by, with a 4-3 vote.