DeKalb elementary school rolls out 'Be a Superhero' COVID-19 vaccine drive, complete with $100 to hit low-vaxx areas

Indian Creek Elementary Principal Stephanie Brown-Bryant poses in her superwoman costume to promote the "Be a Superhero, Get Vaxxed" with students. (Courtesy of Indian Creek Elementary School)

How do you convince an 8-year-old to come to school — On a Saturday — to get a shot?

One of DeKalb County’s largest elementary schools decided to dress its principal in a full-body Superwoman suit, complete with a red cape, in order to promote a hero-themed COVID-19 vaccine drive. On Saturday, Indian Creek Elementary School officials in Clarkston predict more than 300 kids and their family members will line up to get a vaccine.

Of course, with the superhero theme comes another incentive. Everyone getting a first, second or booster ages 5 and up will walk away with $100 cash card.

The drive is a pilot program led by DeKalb County commissioners, supported by American Rescue Plan funds, and coordinated by community organizations that plan on targeting schools in low vaccination areas.

DeKalb has been doing similar incentivized events with a $100 carrot since June 2021, and told WABE that it’s working. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, as of Feb. 1, 57% of DeKalb County residents have been fully vaccinated and 63% have at least one dose. 24% have gotten a booster. For kids, the number of first doses are: ages 5-9:  24%, ages 10-14:  50% and ages 15-19:  67%.

WABE’s “All Things Considered” host Jim Burress spoke with Indian Creek Principal Stephanie Brown-Bryant, or Principal B-B, and Temple Moore, of the Refugee Women’s Network.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.